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  4 listings meet your search criteria.
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Special Listings

  1. A house made on 1 ropani and 3 aana at Chabahil Kathmandu, Price included only land cost!
  2. Modern 4 story flat system home made on 7 aana land  for sale at Bansbari Kathmandu -Rs 260 lakh
  3. Commercial building made on 4 aana  rented Rs 2 laks at Sinamangal only 450 lakh
  4. A bungalow made on 10 aana at Basandhura Kathmandu, only 280 lakh,
  5. Made on 4 aana, single story at golfutar- 90 lakh
  6. Most commercial 8 aana land with shade at Gaushala Kathmandu, rented 150 thousand per month, per aana 75 lakh
  7. Short term accommodation apartment available at Lazimpat,
  8. A house made 2 ropani land with beautiful garden and swimming pool at Sitapaila Kathmandu, per month USD 2500 only
  9. A house made on 51 aana rented  for 10 years, starting rental Rs 5 lakhs at Bhaisepati lalitpur- Rs 12 corer, negotiable
  10. 6 aana land for sale just opposite to US Embassy Kathmandu, 38 lakh per aana,
  11. A superb bungalow for sale made on 3 ropani land at Chundevi Kathmandu, rented more than 5 lakh per month, price negotiable

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