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Units of Land Area Calculation in Nepal

land area is calculated in the following units in Nepal.

Area: ropani, Anna, Paisa, Dam
508.74 sq m = 1 ropani = 16 anna = 5476 sq. ft.
 31.79 sq m = 1 anna = 4 paisa = 342.25 sq. ft.
7.94 sq m = 1 paisa = 4 dam = 85.56 sq. ft.

Area: Bigha, Katha, Paisa, Dam

6772.41 sq m = 1 Bigha = 20 Katha = 72900 sq. ft.
338.62 sq m = 1 Katha = 20 paisa = 3645 sq. ft.
16.9 sq m = 1 Paisa =   = 182.25 sq. ft.

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40 aana land for sale at Dhumbarahi Kathmandu!
Per Aana: Rs 4,000,000
Location: Dhumbarahi
City: Kathmandu
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A most beautiful land on sale at Fewa Lake, Pokhara!
Price: Rs 28,437,500
Location: Lamdada
City: Pokhara
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Buy a residential land in Chhauni Kathmandu!
Per Aana: Rs 2,500,000
Location: Chhauni
City: Kathmandu
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A commercial 8 aana land for sale at Bagmati Corridor Jwagal, Kupandole
Location: Jwagal
City: Lalitpur
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House on rent at Hattigauda Kathmandu!
Rent: Rs 125,000
Location: Hattigauda
City: Kathmandu
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House For Rent At Maitidevi Kathmandu!
Rent: Rs 150,000
Location: Maitidevi
City: Kathmandu
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Home for sale with furniture at Boudha Kathmandu!
Price: Rs 23,500,000
Location: Boudha
City: Kathmandu
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Space on rent for Showroom and Boutique at Putalisadak Kathmandu!
Location: Putalisadak
City: Kathmandu
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House for sale at Samakhushi Kathmandu!
Price: Rs 20,000,000
Location: Samakhushi
City: Kathmandu
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5.5 aana commercial land on sale at Kamaladi Kathmandu!
Per Aana: Rs 6,000,000
Location: Kamaladi
City: Kathmandu

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